MySpace Mobile

MySpace Mobile 1.8.3

Quick access to MySpace on your Android phone


  • Compact and easy to use
  • Support for blogging
  • Add photos to your albums


  • No access to audio or video
  • Slow to update statuses


MySpace Mobile allows you to check your account on the social network from your Android phone.

If you're still clinging onto your MySpace account rather than switching all your social networking to Facebook then you might find MySpace Mobile a quicker way to log into your account while you're on the move. The app allows you to view your friends' status and mood, activities, friend requests, comments and bulletins. MySpace Mobile even allows you to update your blog.

MySpace Mobile is packaged in the form of a compact and easy to use interface. There's a home screen with access to all the above features, plus tabs along the top of the screen for your inbox, friends, and photo albums.

The downside of MySpace Mobile is that it doesn't allow you to access audio and video, which is very annoying if you want to check out the latest work of your favorite MySpace artists. Still, at least you can check upcoming events and performances for the acts you follow. And best of all, the MySpace Mobile app doesn't display those hideous themes that people often apply to their profiles.

If you're a MySpace user with an Android phone, you'll probably find the MySpace Mobile app a friendlier alternative to the rather fiddly mobile version of the web site.

Optimized messaging and decreased load time on profile pages


  • Optimized messaging and decreased load time on profile pages
MySpace Mobile


MySpace Mobile 1.8.3

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